Beagle leap on grass field

Beagles For Hunting And Shooting Sports

Proud and distinguished Beagle dogs have been a recognized breed for over five hundred years. They were first used in Great Britain, and still are, as a hunting breed. Although the history of the breed can be traced that deeply and consisted of two basic branches, the modern breed we recognize today was first developed by merging the two branches in the early nineteenth century. I shoot metal targets often and I am sure to take my beagle with me all the time.

Beagle dogs have a small, stout frame. The head is a square form with an equally square muzzle of medium length. The eyes are large for the size of the head, as are the ears, which drape to the shoulder line. The neck and body are firm with sturdy legs and round feet. The tail is straight and extends above the head in a very slight curl toward the head. The coat is short and easily groomed and typically presents in a tri-color random pattern of white, tan and black. They display a unique baying howl when on the hunt which has often been heard accompanying the hunting horns of traditional British hunters.

Medium Beagle dog standing over the green grass
Take your dog shooting

For canines already demonstrating a highly developed sense of smell, Beagle dogs have managed to exhibit this sense to a superlative degree. Their ability to track small game such as rabbit and hare have distinguished them as a hunting breed, but that ability has extended their use into detection security to combat illegal agricultural and drug trafficking. I am big on personal protection so I practice shooting with rifle targets from the gun shop for my shooting proficiency.

Beagle dogs have a gentle and agreeable disposition, making them a popular breed as a pet that delights children and adults. They are happy to see anyone and will confidently greet them with bright eyes, an open expression and a tail-wagging hello. They are an active dog and require even just a small, fenced yard in which to exercise daily, or they may surrender their typical joyful disposition just because they are irritated with the lack of sufficient exercise. If their exercise routine is sufficient, they are happy to be more docile indoors and always playful with anyone. But because of its natural hunting prowess, other pets of non-canine species should be avoided. If walked in the neighborhood, they should always be leashed to prevent their sudden run in search of hunting prey. Don’t overlook these quality target stands.

Beagle dogs will typically live up to fifteen years with an agreeable temperament if they are cared for properly up to the end of life. Their temperament makes them one of the most ideal of pets.

Photo by Mark Rimmel on Unsplash