Brown white and black short coated dog on green grass field during daytime

The Beagle the Better

Welcome to My Beagle Dog. This site is created to dog lovers especially those who own cute, kind-looking, gentle and loving beagle dogs. We give information on how to take care of this dog, their characteristics, health, illness and more. We also have classified section in case you want to buy these dogs as puppies or as an adult. If you are planning to breed these dogs, we have a group for breeders that can match your dog for possible partner. We have a list of dog registry in our site with photos and locations of each dog.

We also rescue these dogs that have wandered away and arrange them for possible adoption. We also help dog owners find their lost dogs since these dogs are often lost due to their habit of sniffing. We also offer best foods for your dog from different companies as well as vitamins and minerals to keep your dog in top shape in affordable prices. For grooming, we have dog shampoos and conditioners, anti-fleas powder, dog combs and hairbrush for their short but smooth hair, collars, toothbrush to keep their teeth healthy, etc.

We also train these dogs with the help of our professional dog trainees and we offer training materials such as books and videos for your personal use. If you want to know your dog’s health, we have available veterinary to examine your dog. You can download or upload your favorite photos and videos here in this site. All these and more here at My Beagle Dog.

Here are some facts about beagles

  • These squarely shape body dogs with long and domed shape skull are known to be very sociable and they are love by many especially by children because they are playful. Their life can extend up to 10-15 years.
  • Beagles are friendly. They enjoy meeting people and will greet anyone by wagging their tail. They are best companions for children.
  • Unlike other dogs, these dogs do not bark, but instead they have a baying voice.
  • This dog has been used for hunting and hunting games so keep your non-canine pets like rabbits, birds, cats and others away from this dog. They will hunt them as part of their instinct
  • These dogs have a destructive behavior when they are left alone in the house. They will ruin your sofa, break your vases and so on. If you don’t want havoc in your homes, make sure before leaving your house to put these dogs in a place where they are safe.
  • Beagle dogs have a keen sense of smell which means they can identify certain things like sniffing narcotics that is why they are used by the airport police. Because of their great smelling capabilities, if left alone outside and started sniffing, these dogs will be lost. So owners of beagles are warned to watch their dog or keep them within your fence to prevent them from wandering away.
  • Beagles are prone to dwarfism or warped front legs, so have them checked with your vet. They are also prone to ear infections, so you have to clean their ears regularly.
  • Because they are child-friendly, beagle breeders have cross-breed them to different dogs such as Labrador, Dachshund, Basset-Hound and many more.
  • These dogs are hard to because of their playfulness, so you have to be patient during your exercises. You as a dog owner must be firm during training if you want some good results.
  • These medium size dogs are suited indoor, so they are great for apartments.
Two little beagles on the green grass
Two Beagles

If you are interested in adopting beagle dogs, you have come to the right place. Our beagles will be glad to have you as their adopted masters. As mentioned earlier, these dogs are great companions and children will love them, but they are also prone to wander away due to sniffing habit.

The procedure for adoption is simple. The adopter must be at least 18 years old and above, and all the family must agree to have the dog. Just fill out our forms here at our site. When we receive your application, we will contact you for an interview.  After that, we will look for any available beagle in our dog pound or we can arrange you to a family who wants their beagle for adoption. If you like the dog after you meet him or her, we will send our personnel to check your housing for the dog. If you pass our standard, you can bring the beagle to your home. We will not accept applicants who intend to use an invisible fence for containment. Invisible Dog fence systems are not a good means of containing a strong willed hunting breed like a beagle and should not be used. See eXtreme Dog Fence for other means of safe dog containment that do not use shock. Wireless pet fence systems are a much safer means of containment.

When you have taken your beagle to your home, we expect that you will take all the responsibility of caring for it. If you cannot continue your care, you are not allowed to sell it. Instead, just surrender it back to us. So, why don’t you navigate this site now? For great beagle supplies visit eXtreme Dog Fence.

Photo by Jaspal Kahlon on Unsplash